RSB Releases (was Re: Beagleboards)

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Dec 2 01:14:56 UTC 2015

On 1/12/2015 8:29 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
> My question is not about tagging the release it is asking if we should
> be using a tarball and not the git repo for releases?

I am going to update the RSB to provide an easy way for us to create a
release tarball and switch to a release build. I will teach the RSB what
a release is and have it automatically change its behaviour. A git clone
of the RSB will behave as is.

To make a release add a VERSION file to the root directory of the
tarball package. This file must never exist in the git repo. The release
process is to create a tarball ready tree and add the VERSION file
manually. The file contains a single line that is the release version
string, eg 4.11.0.

When the VERSION file is present the RSB assumes it is a release and
where configured switches to using a release tarball, for example the
RTEMS kernel and RTEMS tools. The RTEMS kernel will be built for a
released RSB automatically.

I will also add support so the RSB first attempts to download source and
patches from the RTEMS ftp server under the RTEMS release path before
looking to the specific project's home site.

The VERSION file does not effect other version information in the RSB
configuration files, for example the RTEMS version of 4.11. Those
versions are controlled by the git repo and traceable via git's history.

I have open #2480, #2481 and #2482.


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