How to build SMP RTEMS?

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>>> Hi,
>>> I'm looking for documentation on how to build the SMP version of RTEMS?
>> Use --enable-smp for your configure command line.  We have an SMP chapter in the user manual.  Unfortunately, the automatic documentation generation doesn't work currently, so better build the docs from the sources.
> Where can I find instructions on how to manually build the documentation from source code?

It seems that this is nowhere documented. I use this

cd doc
mkdir b-doc
cd b-doc
../configure --enable-maintainer-mode

>>> Do I need to rebuild just the RTEMS kernel or the tools also?
>> Only the BSP, which one do you intend to use? SMP is work in progress.
> I'm currently using the sparc/LEON3 BSP but I would also like to build it for multi-core intel and arm processors.

x86 is currently not supported, see

In case you are interested in RTEMS SMP on x86 and you have some spare 
budget, please contact Joel Sherill.

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