AW: AW: RTEMS 4.11 Gaisler Uart Driver bytes missing

Hoefle Marco Marco.Hoefle at
Tue Dec 22 15:41:10 UTC 2015

we got it running using the Gaisler Driver manager.
This was needed before the RTEM config defines:

#include <drvmgr/ambapp_bus.h>

 * Determine if console driver should do be interrupt driven (mode=1)
 * or polling (mode=0).
 /* APBUART0 */
struct drvmgr_key grlib_drv_res_apbuart0[] =
	{"mode", DRVMGR_KT_INT, {(unsigned int)1}},
	/* {"syscon", KEY_TYPE_INT, {(unsigned int)1}}, */

/* LEON3 System with driver configuration for APBUARTs, the
 * the rest of the AMBA device drivers use their defaults.
struct drvmgr_bus_res grlib_drv_resources =
	.next = NULL,
	.resource = {
	{DRIVER_AMBAPP_GAISLER_APBUART_ID, 0, &grlib_drv_res_apbuart0[0]},

We can now run a xmodem protocol using 115200 bps.

I hope this helps for others facing the same issue using mainline 4.11 RTEMS.


Von: Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015 13:22
An: Hoefle Marco; users at
Betreff: Re: AW: RTEMS 4.11 Gaisler Uart Driver bytes missing

On 16/12/15 12:58, Hoefle Marco wrote:
> Hello Sebastian,
> I guess the driver is in polling mode per default?

Yes, the default is polled. Since you use the driver manager, you have
to change that via the driver manager specific configuration. I don't
know off hand how this works.

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