how to call Qt main from rtems

Chan Kim ckim at
Fri Jan 9 02:03:39 UTC 2015


I sent an email to this reflector but it's not coming to me so send another mail partly as a test.
Can anyone tell me how rtems_shell_wait_for_input function in rtems-4.10.99-src/cpukit/libmisc/shell/shell-wait-for-input.c waits each second?
The read function waits my key and responds to my key stroke right away but after 1 second returns (by timer I guess).
but I can't understand how it works..

I have another question. Is there a well know method of calling Qt main from rtems?
I saw a method which calls fake main at the end of rtems initialization when building rtems (but the fake main.o is not included in the rtems library) and later Qt main is built using that rtems library(not the real main of Qt is called by rtems initialization). This seems to be the only way but is there any another way?
Thanks in advance.


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