Coressent Korea - RTEMS/Qt Solution Consulting Company.

JunBeom Kim (Coressent) jbkim at
Fri Jan 9 09:34:53 UTC 2015

Dear RTEMS users.

I would like to introduce my company.

Coressent Korea have provided commercial software for RTOS, Linux, IoT,
Industrial field bus in Korea market.
Also, we have worked technical consulting work with korean major companies
according to customer requirements until now.

We completed to port Qt 4.8.5 version using RTEMS by internal project.

Our project summary is below;

1. CPU : Samsung Cortex-A8 S5PV210
2. Hardware board : HyBus H-AndroSV210
3. RTEMS version : 4.10.99
  - BSP: serial console, framebuffer, touch driver, etc.
4. Qt version : 4.8.5
5. Qt module integration
  - QWS(Qt Windows System)
  - QtCore
  - QtGui
  - QtSvg
  - Qt and FFmpeg integration without Qt Multimedia

If you interest in our internal project, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
JunBeom Kim
Technical Director
Coressent Korea
Fax  :+82-2-522-2129
Email: jbkim at

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