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Federico Garcia Cruz federico.garciacruz at tallertechnologies.com
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first thing you should do is read about filesystems provided by RTEMS. It
offers several filesystem types like msdos, nfs, etc, and also offers
several  block device types to access block devices (ram, non volatile,
Then you should read about how to register your own filesystem and how its
interface has to look like to be compliant with rtems filesystem interface
Whle I was working with rtems mdos filesystem I found a very interesting
presentation about how develop and reguster a new filesystems to rtems. I
consider that this links could help you:


2015-01-07 11:18 GMT-03:00 王春 <wzg19890307 at 126.com>:

> Hi,
>     I'm new to rtems, and I have a new project in hand, and it's about the
> porting of the ntfs filesystem to rtems, there is anyone could help me ?
> or tell me how and wher to start. thanks.
> Shankle Wang.
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