Hello world Ada-example on RaspberryPi

Jan Sommer soja-misc at aries.uberspace.de
Sun Jul 5 21:11:36 UTC 2015


I tried to run the hello_world_ada example on the raspberryPi today and ran into a few issues.

First, there was the linking problem for the function _ada_pthread_minimum_stack_size where is that supposed to be defined?

There is also an issue with the current Makefile.shared in the top level example-directory. The Makefile of the hello_world program adds a define for the stack size to the CFLAGS and later includes the Makefile.shared. However there CFLAGS is set to "" in the beginning effectively deleting the stack size set previosly. I commented this line as well (don't know if it will have side effects in later examples).

The program then linked. Running the program on the Pi worked as well, but with one problem. The Delay of 2.5 s took 25 s. I changed the delay time several times and it always is accurately 10 time the set delay time.

I guess there is some clock setting wrong somewhere? Where would I need to correct that?



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