Fwd: enable build of libgnat

Jan Sommer soja-misc at aries.uberspace.de
Wed Jul 8 20:04:55 UTC 2015


I tried to build the next ada example hello_via_task but linking fails with:
build_rtems-4.11-pi/gcc-cross-ada-4.9.2/b-gcc-4.9.2-arm-rtems4.11/gcc/ada/rts/s-parame.adb:58: undefined reference to `_ada_pthread_minimum_stack_size'

A look at the corresponding file in gnat shows that is a call to  "_ada_pthread_minimum_stack_size" which is defined in rtems in cpukit/libgnat/adasupp.c. If I take a look at my rtems build log the content of the libgnat folder is never compiled.
How do I set it to build? Or is it supposed to be build with the application binary?

Best regards,


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