Interrupt server on BBB

Martin Galvan martin.galvan at
Mon Jul 13 12:49:49 UTC 2015

Hi everyone! I'm currently trying to use an interrupt server task for
handling USB interrupts on the Beaglebone Black. Here's the code I'm

rtems_interrupt_server_initialize(1, 1500, RTEMS_TIMESLICE | RTEMS_PREEMPT,

rtems_interrupt_server_handler_install(NULL, AM335X_INT_USB1, "USB_interrupt",
    reinterpret_cast<rtems_interrupt_handler>(USB1HostIntHandler), NULL);

I checked the return codes of both functions and it's always
RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL. At the same time I have a separate thread which is
constantly doing a printk for debugging purposes.

Right now what happens is that the printk thread runs about 10-15
times and then the system hangs in the middle of the print. Am I doing
something wrong?

Thanks a lot!

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