C++11 threading library

Beojan Stanislaus beojan.stanislaus at queens.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jul 30 09:08:04 UTC 2015

I am trying to compile some C++11 code that uses the threading features in the standard library (std::thread etc) using arm-rtems4.11-g++ version 4.8.2 (from the RHEL 6 repository). I get the error 'thread' is not a member of 'std'. Delving into the include files shows that this is because _GLIBCXX_HAS_GTHREADS is not defined (from  /opt/rtems-4.11/lib/gcc/arm-rtems4.11/4.8.2/include/c++/thread).

Can anyone tell me if this has been resolved in a newer version of gcc (or will be resolved soon)?


Beojan Stanislaus

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