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> Dear RTEMS Community,
> I wanted to more formally introduce myself and Vecna Technologies.
> Vecna Technologies is a robotics company in Cambridge, MA. We are currently
> developing a fleet of robotic logistics platforms that can autonomously
> navigate through human dense unstructured environments to deliver payloads
> ranging from 5kg to 5000kg,depending on the platform used (videos can be
> found here
> We are extremely excited to say that we are standardizing our next
> generation embedded platform on RTEMS. A number of our engineers have become
> familiar with RTEMS and are starting to dive head first into several
> projects. We have been extremely impressed with the design and architecture
> of the RTEMS core
> We will be using RTEMS and the STM32F series processors to create an
> ecosystem of embedded modules that can be used for anything from simple
> sonar range finders, through distributed sensors processing nodes to novel
> high performance hydraulic control and actuation systems.
> We are excited to embrace the open source nature of RTEMS by giving back as
> much as reasonably possible. We place a high value on giving back to open
> source initiatives here, and it is one of the many reasons we chose RTEMS.
> That means we want to give back a fully featured BSP (or BSP family), and
> potentially many other features as we need them.
> There is interest in working on the trace linker, trace in general,
> especially generating CTF trace data, and integration with LTTng. Adding an
> ARM remote debug agent would be quite useful! In addition, we are interested
> in the GPIO standardization effort, and anything that makes moving between
> BSPs easier.
> We will be using CAN and CANOpen, so developing an RTEMS CAN API is also on
> the radar.
> I also wanted to introduce a few members of our team who you may see on the
> mailing lists and IRC:
> Jay Doyle - Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer
> Sudarshan Rajapopalan - Embedded Firmware Intern
> Chris Woodall - Electrical Engineer
> Michael Baier - Director, Hardware Engineering
> Kind Regards,
> Isaac
> P.S. Should I post this to devel as well?
Thanks for the introduction and I think we all look forward to what
you all develop! Generally speaking, the users list will "hit" all the
developer's inbox as well, but if you cc both lists that usually is
just fine.


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