Coressent Korea - Freescale i.MX6 RTEMS/Qt SDK Release Information.

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Dear All,

I uploaded youtube video regarding RTEMS RTOS Qt Booting Demo using Animated Tiles demo.

Best Regards,

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Dear Gedare,

We can not share some code for RTEMS community according to consulting contract condition by my customer. I am very sorry. I need to discuss with my customer after customer project is end regarding this.

At this time, I can let you know the limited information(technical issue and license issue) for Qt porting on RTEMS.

1. RTEMS Technical issue.

- select() : select() function should be patched for calling select() by Qt Event dispatcher.
- mmap() : because mmap is not supported on RTEMS, Qt should be patched.
- fstatvfs() : because fstatvfs() is not supported in GCC toolchain library, Qt File Dialog should be disabled.
- shared library : because this is not supported, QtWebKit can not be ported.
- OpenGL ES : because there is not OpenGL ES for RTEMS, Qt Quick can not be ported. If there is OpenGL ES driver for RTEMS, there is possibility for porting Qt Quick.
- No process model : because RTEMS can not support OS process model, Qt pthread only is supported.

2. Qt License issue.

I have discussed with Qt company regarding Qt distribution for RTEMS in many times.
Important thing is that Qt source should be modified in many parts due to RTEMS technical issue.

Because we modified Qt source and Qt library is linked with RTEMS statically, we can not provide open community or customers with Qt porting source code(Open Source License / GPL&LGPL). That is, customer should purchase Qt commercial license. This is very headache issue in customer considering point.

If user want to use RTOS solution on Qt open source license, there are three RTOS solution vendors(QNX, VxWorks, Integrity). But, these RTOS solution have royalty business model.
I guess that Qt license is better condition than RTOS license.

3. My opinion for graphics framework.

If there is real open source(non GPL/LGPL) for good or better framework than Qt, I want to port alternative graphics framework for RTEMS. I think that there is not alternative graphics framework than Qt, at this time.

Best Regards,

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Hello JunBeom Kim,

Your project sounds quite interesting. If you might be able to provide the port of Qt into RTEMS that would be of interest to the broader community despite the inability to use the same platform, perhaps a demo platform can be built easily.

If in the future your company is interested in contributing work back to the RTEMS community, you may wish to include clear parameters within your consulting contract for what source code can be shared back. If you need help with that please feel free to ask, as a few others in the community do so on a regular basis. (And, normally, charge more for customers who do not allow sharing.)


On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 11:09 PM, JunBeom Kim (Coressent) <jbkim at> wrote:
> Dear RTEMS users.
> Coressent Korea completed to port Qt 4.8.5 version with RTEMS on 
> Freescale
> i.MX6 Family.
> Our project summary is below;
> 1. Processor Supporting List : Freescale i.MX6SL, i.MX6DL, i.MX66Q 2. 
> Hardware board : i.MX6SL EVK, i.MX6DL SABRE SDP, i.MX6Q SABRE AI.
> 3. Qt version : 4.8.5
> 4. RTEMS/Qt SDK Features
>   - Fast Cold Boot : 2 seconds (SD-Card Boot:1sec, Qt App Launch:1sec)
>   - Small Memory Requirement : Linux/Qt(Min 512MB) vs RTEMS/Qt(Min 128MB)
>   - Freescale Platform SDK(Bare-Metal Device Driver Framework) integration.
>   - SMP support for i.MX6DL, i.MX6Q
>   - Qt Application Reuse
>   - Qt Application & Real-Time Application co-exist.
> 5. RTEMS/Qt Demo
>   - Medical demo : completed.
>   - Automative Dash Board : on-going.
>   - Home Automation : on-going.
>   - Industrial HMI : on-going.
> 6. Qt porting roadmap
>   - RTEMS/Qt 5.4 : 1Q/2016
> 7. Processor supporting roadmap
>   - TI Sitara (Cortex-A8) : 3Q or 4Q/2015
>   - Atmel SAMA5 (Cortex-A5): 3Q or 4Q/2015
> If you interest in our internal project, please feel free to contact me.
> Best Regards,
> JunBeom Kim
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