Questions about MBUF allocation in bsdnet

Albert Huang alberthuang314 at
Mon Mar 23 14:15:09 UTC 2015

Chris Johns <chrisj at> writes:

> On 23/03/2015 4:13 am, Albert Huang wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> During developing/tracing an Ethernet device driver for ARM, I also
>> setup an i386 RTEMS on qemu with NE2000 as a comparison. I found that
>> MBUF allocation on both hosts does not behave the same, and might be one
>> of the source of issues. One of the strange behavior is that MSIZE=128
>> on both hosts, 98-byte packets are not segmented on i386 while segmented
>> on ARM.
[stuff deleted]

BTW, there seems to be another issue related to memory leaks, and in
Section 4.2 of the document "RTEMS Network Supplement"
there is an item:
* mbuf activity
There are commented out calls to printf in the file sys/mbuf.h in the
network stack code. Uncommenting these lines results in output when
mbuf’s are allocated and freed. This is very useful for finding memory
But in sys/mbuf.h of current git trunk, there isn't any call of
printf. Is there any handy tool to trace mbuf memory leaks?

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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