FTBFS: zedboard BSP with SMP

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu May 7 03:03:56 UTC 2015

On 7/05/2015 8:38 am, Jonathan Brandmeyer wrote:
> What is the cleanest way of blowing away an old compiled BSP when
> rebuilding it to avoid this in the future, while retaining the toolchain
> in the chosen prefix?

There is no clean way provided.

I use 2 different approaches, one for development and the other for

Releases are easy and this is what the RSB supports for a release, ie it
builds the tools and RTEMS kernel for you. RTEMS and the tools are built
into a single prefix and I base the prefix on the release's version, eg
/opt/rtems/4.11.0. I use a different prefix for each dot release so I
can keep the trees clean and can move my applications forwards and back
if I need to without removing any existing configuration.

For development I keep each part in a separate prefix so the tools might
be under /opt/rtems/4.11 and the BSPs are under /opt/rtems/bsps/4.11. I
can then just remove the tree and know I am safe. If I want to keep a
specific build around I use a different prefix for that BSP and separate
it out.

If you look at waf configure command in examples-v2 you will see the
tools path and the kernel path can each be specified and if only the
tools is provided (I think) it is assumed the kernel is also present
under that prefix.


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