About python on RTEMS

Albert Huang alberthuang314 at gmail.com
Thu May 21 16:13:40 UTC 2015

Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org> writes:

> On 9/05/2015 1:10 am, Albert Huang wrote:
>> Although Python is not for real-time computing, but it's good for rapid
>> prototyping. I couldn't find much information about python on RTEMS, and
>> it's kind of very old if there is some.
> I have used Python on RTEMS to interface to things like POP mailboxes or
> to send SMTP email. I did not implement any real-time code. It worked
> really well and was stable.

That's great! Is it bare Python interpretor or including libraries?

>> Does anybody try to compile
>> Python on RTEMS to run the interpreter as a task? Will it be hard to do
>> that? Thanks.
> Last time I looked Python's configure phase ran code on the host and it
> did not support cross-compiling cleanly. I implemented a separate build
> script and placed that in a directory called 'rtems' in the Python source.
> It is not overly difficult to port if you have done this sort of porting
> before.

I haven't done this kind of porting before, and I don't have any
clue. Is it possible to have some tutorial somewhere? Could you point me
out? Thank you very much!


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