Embedded board with good support out of the box?

Steve B sbattazzo at gmail.com
Tue May 26 20:17:54 UTC 2015

On Fri, May 22, 2015 at 11:28 AM, Mr. Andrei Chichak <groups at chichak.ca>

> I haven’t managed to wrap my head around the filesystem/SD card system in
> RTEMS yet. The projects that I have been working on, until recently, didn’t
> need logging. One project I did do that used SD cards, I used a chunk of
> code called FatFS that “worked”. On the STM32F4, people are getting a
> blazing 4MB/second write speed using a class 10 card and the SD 4-bit
> interface (beware of the specs, class 10 can actually mean 10MB/sec read,
> but 0.5MB/sec write - thanks Kingston). That was about half of what our
> project required.
> Thanks.. if that's the one from elm-chan.org then I've heard of it and
would have been considering it for sure if I was going to go totally bare
metal. Wasn't sure how well it would mix with RTEMS or another RTOS but if
it is known to work reasonably well, then "problem solved" as far as I'm
concerned. Those write speeds you mention (even worst case) should be good
enough for me.

For CAN bus do you use a driver that goes into the BSP or is all of the
code in application-space?
I have an STM32F4 Discovery board on hand and got the BSP built and Hello
demo to run, so now I'm interested in making the jump to doing something
useful.. same with Zynq actually.

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