Can't create two tasks

TUAZ TORCHON, Dimitri dimitri.tuaztorchon at
Mon Nov 2 15:11:50 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I use RTEMS on a MicroBlaze processor (implemented in a Spartan6 FPGA, on a SP605 evaluation kit), and I can't create two tasks. I have tried this simple code :

rtems_task Init(
  rtems_task_argument ignored
  rtems_status_code status_rtems;

  printf("\n*** Test begins *** \n\n");

  Task_name[ 1 ] = rtems_build_name( 'T', 'A', '1', ' ' );
  Task_name[ 2 ] = rtems_build_name( 'T', 'A', '2', ' ' );

  /* Creating and executing task 1 */
  status_rtems = rtems_task_create(
                                   Task_name[ 1 ], 1, RTEMS_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE * 2, RTEMS_DEFAULT_MODES,
                                   RTEMS_DEFAULT_ATTRIBUTES, &Task_id[ 1 ]
  printf("\n At the end of task create 1, status_rtems = %d\n",(int)status_rtems);

  status_rtems = rtems_task_start( Task_id[ 1 ], print1, 1 );
  printf("\n At the end of task start 1, status_rtems = %d\n",(int)status_rtems);

  /* Creating and executing task 2 */
  status_rtems = rtems_task_create(
                                   Task_name[ 2 ], 1, RTEMS_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE * 2, RTEMS_DEFAULT_MODES,
                                   RTEMS_DEFAULT_ATTRIBUTES, &Task_id[ 2 ]
  printf("\n At the end of task create 2, status_rtems = %d\n",(int)status_rtems);

  status_rtems = rtems_task_start( Task_id[ 2 ], print2, 1 );
  printf("\n At the end of task start 2, status_rtems = %d\n",(int)status_rtems);


rtems_task print1(rtems_task_argument unused){
  printf("\nTask 1 is executing !\n");


rtems_task print2(rtems_task_argument unused){
  printf("\nTask 2 is executing !\n");


And in my terminal I've got this :

*** Test begins ***

At the end of task create 1, status_rtems = 0

At the end of task start 1, status_rtems = 0

At the end of task create 1, status_rtems = 13

At the end of task start 1, status_rtems = 14

Task 1 is executing

As you can see, task 1 is created, and executes fine. But the creating of task 2 return the status : RTEMS_UNSATISFIED - not enough memory for stack/FP context.
However, I have plenty of space left on my RTEMS Workspace, and I do not use floating point context.
Going deeper with GDB, I have found that is the allocation in the heap that goes bad :
In function _Heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary (in cpukit/score/src/heapallocate.c), the Heap_Block "block" and "free_list_tail" have their fields next and prev pointing to themself.

I also tried to delete task 1 after the creation (the deleting was successful), but I have got the same error when creating task 2.

As anyone of you has an explication ?

Thanks a lot,
Dimitri Tuaz

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