Information needed on Zynq Development Boards

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Chris Johns - I am echoing this to the mailing list as well.

I am seeking information on Zynq development boards. I am developing an
application that will use a Zynq SoC, and I would like to run RTEMS as the
operating system.

I am seeking advice on purchasing a Zynq development board, particularly
one that is friendly to use with RTEMS. My main concerns are booting RTEMS
on a device (how is this done), the build environment, writing device
drivers and debugging software.

Are there boards that support both Ethernet and WiFi? What thoughts do
users have on the Zedboard mentioned below? Also do users have experiences
using RTEMS with the Xilinx QEMU tree and a Zynq device

Thoughts and comments welcome.


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On 11/30/15, 10:31 AM, "Joel Sherrill" <joel.sherrill at> wrote:


cc'ing Chris Johns so he can pipe up on hardware recommendations.

This is the list of BSP configurations under the arm/xilinx-zynq

$ ls
xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu.cfg  xilinx_zynq_zc702.cfg  xilinx_zynq_zedboard.cfg          xilinx_zynq_zc706.cfg
[joel at localhost include]$

Here is a link to a Zedboard.,400,1028&Prod=ZEDBOAR

Chris .. please pitch in on Zynq recommendations for a "real app" :)

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