c++ std::thread

Webb, Jeffrey A. jeff.webb at nta-inc.net
Thu Nov 12 16:45:24 UTC 2015

On 11/12/2015 12:08 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
> Thank you for testing this.

No problem.  I'm glad to help out in a small way.

>> I first had trouble with the www.mpfr.org site:
> The site appears to be down.

It seems to be back up this morning.  I suppose it was just bad luck that it happened to be down when I was working on all this. 

>>> ... but it seems that the 4.12 directory does not exist yet [...]
>> Ah yes. I will sort this out now.
> Fixed. Please try again.

Thank you very much. I started from (almost) scratch, and everything built correctly this time. I did copy the tool source archive files that had already been downloaded back into the source directory before building (not the rtems-tools.git repo or the patches, though). I'll repeat the entire process again completely from scratch from home to make sure it all works, and I'll let you know if something fails, but I suspect it will work. I am unable to have the installer download all of the sources at my workplace, because the ftp:// protocol is blocked entirely. It would be easier for me if an http:// source could be used instead of the ftp:// sites (or as a backup alternative), but I understand if that is not possible. I am able to work around this situation, but I wanted you to know about it, in case others run into this as well.

My very simple std::thread example now works. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. I will now proceed with porting some more complex code to RTEMS and see how it goes.

Thanks again,


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