MinGW Tools locations

Mohammed Saeed Khoory Mohammed.Khoory at mbrsc.ae
Thu Nov 19 04:19:07 UTC 2015

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> On 18/11/2015 2:28 PM, Mohammed Saeed Khoory wrote:
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> > Looks like I was thrown off by the "rpm" folder name while I was
> searching. I thought it was only RPM-based distro related.
> >
> Those executables were built as rpms.
> > Makes sense. Ood to know. I think the problem with Windows and MinGW
> > though is that it is somewhat difficult to build the tools,
> Have you tried 4.11 and MSYS2 with the RSB?

No. We want to install tools for 4.10.2. The RSB, as far as I know, wasn't made to build for 4.10.2. Is this correct? 

> > so we want to keep depending on the same prebuilt packages that we know
> works.
> You can ask the RSB to package the built build set into a tar file so you
> can archive it. If this is important then I encourage you do this.
> Chris

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