RTEMS 4.10 in NOMAD, space mission ExoMars

Rafael Morales Muñoz rmorales at iaa.es
Mon Nov 30 16:26:24 UTC 2015

Dear all,

It is a pleasure to inform you that RTEMS 4.10 is the operating systems 
of  instrument NOMAD (http://mars.aeronomie.be/en/exomars/nomad.htm),
  space mission Exomars (http://exploration.esa.int/mars/) that will be 
launched next year (2016).

I'm one of the software engineers that I've working on the Nomad 
software in the past years.
It was very hard work, but final the software has been accepted by ESA, 
integrated in Exomars and ready to be launched.

Thank to RTEMS community and specially to Dr Joel that helped me to 
decide to use RTEMS in the Open Class (Munich 2011).

Best regards
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