How to install a GNAT cross-compiler and toolset?

Thibaud Backenstrass thibaud.backenstrass at
Mon Apr 4 14:57:24 UTC 2016


After the build of RTEMS failed with multilib enabled for sparc-leon3 [1],
I am wondering how to install a GNAT Ada toolset for the SPARC Leon3
processor. Did somebody managed to do it with RTEMS 4.11, and if yes, how?

My strategy up to now was to try to build RTEMS with multlib enabled since
gcc doesn't compile (missing the sys/socket.h file) whit
--enable-language="c,c++,ada". However I was told that this RTEMS options
was a developer and experimental one, but I cannot figure out that the
build of the Ada toolset is dependant on it. Can somebody explain me
precisely how to install the Ada cross compiler?


Thank you in advance and best regards,

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