Is there any framebuffer testcases?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun Apr 17 04:33:15 UTC 2016

On 17/04/2016 8:23 AM, Pavel Pisa wrote:
> As for RSB, we need to add option to select if demos should be included
> in the Microwindows build (MICROWINDEMO=Y) and if no mouse patch
> should be applied. In the fact I have plan to modify Microwindows
> to allow select default KBD, mouse and screen drivers independently
> on the target and I believe that it would be accepted by mainline
> so patches should not be applied and mechanism to propagate these
> options to the build should be added. I can help or prepare
> changes with Chris's help when I have some time ...

I am here and happy help when you are ready.

> I support adaptation of mainline Microwindows to better match
> actual and future RTEMS builds but it has to be done such way
> that easy build from Microwindows GIT is possible and there is
> no option to introduce RTEMS specific branch with another set
> of the subdirectories Makefiles. The top level RTEMS specific one
> can be changed as we want but at least for some years compatibility
> with RTEMS-4.11 and RTEMS-4.10 has to be taken into account.
> I have newer considered Microwindows makefiles as the most elegant
> solution but they are used for many configurations (Linux, Android,
> RTEMS, etc) and I am surprised now that compatibility
> with RTEMS build survived addition of SDL1.2, SDL2.0 builds
> and NXlib in embedded and server options which all happened
> on mainline from my last test Microwindows test after last GSoC
> changes merging to mainline. At least I have no resources
> and even environment to help, propose and test switch of mainline
> Microwindows to another make system (automake, Scons, WAF etc.)
> for all ports. So we need to limit changes to some top level files
> and think how to not break other users ports.

I see no need to replace Microwindows build system, but it assumes too
much and forces settings such as CC and CFLAGS. For example forcing the
host compiler to gcc means you cannot use FreeBSD. The default for CC
should be cc.

I think we should look at cleaning the RTEMS support to allow settings
to be applied externally via environment or command line variables
rather than embedding the details in Microwindows.

The RTEMS support in the Microwindows build system uses and
the files I reviewed had explicit paths to libraries. I prefer this not
be used when building within the RSB and we clean up this area and I am
happy to help.


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