call to malloc causing an endless loop in _Heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary

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Wed Aug 3 19:53:12 UTC 2016


I am developing an application using RTEMS 4.10. My development environment is a Windows PC, with MinGW installed on it. I compile RTEMS and my application using gcc version 4.8.1. When I run my application, the first printf() executed within a RTEMS task goes into an infinite loop. The infinite loop is located in function _Heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary.

I isolated the problem by back tracing the code with GDB. Here is the callback trace in GDB when I am stuck in an endless loop, with information on variables block and heap:

(gdb) where
#0  _Heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary (heap=0x40393410, alloc_size=128, alignment=0, boundary=0) at c:/opt/rtems-4.10-mingw/src/rtems-4.10/cpukit/score/src/heapallocate.c:186
#1  0x40049684 in _Protected_heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary (heap=0x40393410, size=128, alignment=0, boundary=0) at c:/opt/rtems-4.10-mingw/src/rtems-4.10/cpukit/score/src/pheapallocate.c:37
#2  0x4003b254 in malloc (size=128) at ../../cpukit/../../../leon3/lib/include/rtems/score/protectedheap.h:98
#3  0x40025a48 in __smakebuf_r (ptr=0x40d465d0, fp=0x40d46924) at ../../../../../../../../gcc/newlib/libc/stdio/makebuf.c:95
#4  0x40023450 in __swsetup_r (ptr=0x40d465d0, fp=0x40d46924) at ../../../../../../../../gcc/newlib/libc/stdio/wsetup.c:67
#5  0x4002552c in __sfvwrite_r (ptr=0x40d465d0, fp=0x40d46924, uio=0x40d4638c) at ../../../../../../../../gcc/newlib/libc/stdio/fvwrite.c:63
#6  0x4001b6a8 in _puts_r (ptr=0x40d465d0, s=0x400bd5b0 "RxTask") at ../../../../../../../../gcc/newlib/libc/stdio/puts.c:94
#7  0x4001b6d8 in puts (s=0x400bd5b0 "RxTask") at ../../../../../../../../gcc/newlib/libc/stdio/puts.c:103
#8  0x400133a4 in tblHandler_RxTask (unused=0) at HighLevelControl/src/TableHandler.c:664
#9  0x400a496c in _Thread_Handler () at c:/opt/rtems-4.10-mingw/src/rtems-4.10/cpukit/score/src/threadhandler.c:146
#10 0x400a486c in _Thread_Handler () at c:/opt/rtems-4.10-mingw/src/rtems-4.10/cpukit/score/src/threadhandler.c:88

(gdb) print  *block
$11 = {prev_size = 0, size_and_flag = 0, next = 0x0, prev = 0x0}
(gdb) print  heap
$12 = (Heap_Control *) 0x40393410

There seems to be a problem with the pointer to the heap, since the content of the first block of the heap is all zeros.
Does anyone came across the same problem and have a solution for it?

Philippe O'Reilly

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