Zynq Interrupts

Badr El Hiouel elh.badr at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 14:41:30 UTC 2016


In my RTEMS app, I want to connect a function which is called when a
hardware interrupt occurs. I looked for that in the RTEMS's cpukit and I
found the function rtems_interrupt_handler_install. I used it like this

rtems_status_code installstatus = rtems_interrupt_handler_install(31,
"PL_IRQ",RTEMS_INTERRUPT_UNIQUE,(rtems_interrupt_handler) my_handler, NULL)
{ };

The handler I created for this is (it basically clears the interrupt) :

rtems_isr my_handler(void *arg)
        volatile unsigned long c= 0;
printf("interrupt cleared \n");

Please tell me if this function and the handler can be used like I did ?
And what is the difference with rtems_interrupt_catch function ? It's a
little bit confusing.

Thank you

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