Combining multiple object files into one at link-time

Saeed Ehteshamifar salpha.2004 at
Wed Aug 24 14:44:25 UTC 2016


In Linux, one can make a shared library that has the binary code for
several objects like this:
gcc -shared -fpic obj1.o obj2.o -o

Is it possible to do the same with RTEMS objects?
The problem is that I have two separate source files, where one (the test
case) uses the other one (the test setting). I want to dynamically load
*one* object file that contains the binary code for both files.

PS: I tried -shared and -fpic with proper RTEMS C flags, but I also needed
to link my Init task's object file in order to create the shared object
file, which is what I don't want (causes a failure on dlopen).

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