rtems-libbsd build problem for lpc24xx and lpc32xx.

Kirspel, Kevin Kevin-Kirspel at idexx.com
Fri Aug 12 20:17:17 UTC 2016

About 1.5 months ago, I tried porting rtems-libbsd for the lpc32xx BSP (or my version of it).  There was no support for lpc32xx MAC and the lpc32xx USB mass storage was broken.  I was also adding USB Serial support to rtems-libbsd.  I had all this working on RTEMS 4.10 with the older libusb port.  I was successful running the individual tests under rtems-libbsd (dhcp01, usb01) but was having issues when using rtems-libbsd with my application.  For some reason I could not get an IP address using the DHCP daemon (all though static IP was fine).  The USB mass storage stack was also spitting out errors that didn’t show up under the usb01 test.  I stopped working on it because of all the changes to the rtems-libbsd configuration that was going on at the time.  I was going to get back on it once the configuration changes were settled.

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Subject: rtems-libbsd build problem for lpc24xx and lpc32xx.

Dear Sir,

I am tring to build rtems and rtems-libbsd for lpc24xx and lpc32xx for finding a reason for not initlizing _bsd__start_set_nexus and _bsd__stop_set_nexus.
I used two kinds of version in below;
  - rtems 4.11.99 and rtems-libbsd (download date : 07.12)
  - rtems 4.11.99 and rtems-libbsd (download date : 08.12)

At this time, there is building error in part of ohci_lpc.c about two versions.

If somebody build this successly, please let me know that.

Best Regards,
Thomas Kim
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