Threading library used by rtems

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Sun Aug 14 11:20:54 UTC 2016

Hello Sambeet,

On Saturday 06 of August 2016 07:11:41 Sambeet Panigrahi wrote:
> Sir,
> I found that Orocos RTT works only for boost 1.54.Most other versions do
> not use a serialization::array_wrapper template rather than array.So I
> could finally manually compile an Orocos RTT component for gnu Linux.
> Adapting the component for RTEMS had a problem.I was using
> for gnu Linux ,which could not be used for rtems as it is not a static
> library.I could not find in thread library with .a extension i.e a static
> thread library in my local 4.11.0-rc3 build. So which thread library shall
> I use for building my RTT component for RTEMS?

The pthreads functions are integral part of RTEMS and Newlib
so you do not need to link other than usual libraries to
have complete ptherads support on RTEMS.

The default libraries list is hidden under 

  -specs bsp_specs -qrtems

GCC options. Maps to

  -lrtemsbsp -lrtemscpu  -latomic -lc -lgcc

These libraries contains all implemented pthread_* functions as
well as nanonesleep and other functions included in -lrt under Linux.

You may need to add -lm explicitly if floating-point is used.

Best wishes,


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