Coressent Korea - Freescale i.MX6 RTEMS/Qt SDK Release Information.

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Thu Aug 18 07:15:29 UTC 2016

Dear RTEMS Users,

I completed to port Qt 5.7 with RTEMS 4.12 on i.MX6Q SDP board.
I uploaded videoclip in below URL.

This video include below steps.

 1) Build RTEMS 4.12 Source
 2) Build Qt 5.7 Source
 3) Qt 5.7 Library List for RTEMS
 4) RTEMS & Qt 5.7 Binary Image Writing on SD-Card
 5) RTEMS & Qt 5.7 Cold Boot Demo on i.MX6Q SDP board.

On referencing, I am considering OpenGL ES Driver porting work using below
open source resource.

If this work is completed successfully, I will try to port Qt Quick using
OpenGL ES.

As soon as I complete to port OpenGL ES, I will announce this.

Best Regards,
JunBeom Kim

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Dear Thomas Doefler,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I am sorry.
At this time, we can publish to customers under technical contract.

But, if you port RTEMS for i.MX6 by yourself, I can help you as technical

On referencing, there is a limitation for using Freescale Platform SDK(Bare
Metal Driver Framework).
As I know from Freescale, Platform SDK will not be updated any more. Also,
Platform SDK download site was removed.
I have fixed several bugs in Platform SDK by myself until now.

If you want to receive original Platform SDK source code, I can send to you.

Anyway, there is new project for RTEMS/TouchGFX and our plan for RTEMS/Qt

1. New Project using TouchGFX.
  - On referencing, our company is Korean distributor of Draupner Graphics.
  - We completed to port TouchGFX on top of RTEMS.
  - TouchGFX is very lightweight Graphics Framework. If you think Qt
Framework is heavy graphics framework, TouchGFX will be good solution.
  - If you consider TouchGFX, please contact Draupner Graphics HQ or German
distributor. I will share TouchGFX porting version for RTEMS with Draupner

2. Current Work for RTEMS/Qt
  - RTEMS 4.12 + libbsd + Qt 5.7.0 (framebuffer only) : Q4/2016.
  - Qt 5.7.0 2D acceleration using DirectFB or other method : Q1/2017.

3. Other Processor for RTEMS/Qt
  - Hardware : TI Sitara AM335x and/or AM437x
  - Device Driver Framework by TI : StarterWare.
  - RTEMS 4.12(including StarterWare) + libbsd + Qt 5.7 : Q1/2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
JunBeom Kim

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just a request for update: in the near future, we might need a RTEMS BSP for
the i.MX6 family. Are there any plans to publish your work?



Am 02.07.2015 um 05:09 schrieb JunBeom Kim (Coressent):
> Dear RTEMS users.
> Coressent Korea completed to port Qt 4.8.5 version with RTEMS on 
> Freescale
> i.MX6 Family.
> Our project summary is below;
> 1. Processor Supporting List : Freescale i.MX6SL, i.MX6DL, i.MX66Q 2. 
> Hardware board : i.MX6SL EVK, i.MX6DL SABRE SDP, i.MX6Q SABRE AI.
> 3. Qt version : 4.8.5
> 4. RTEMS/Qt SDK Features
>   - Fast Cold Boot : 2 seconds (SD-Card Boot:1sec, Qt App Launch:1sec)
>   - Small Memory Requirement : Linux/Qt(Min 512MB) vs RTEMS/Qt(Min 128MB)
>   - Freescale Platform SDK(Bare-Metal Device Driver Framework)
>   - SMP support for i.MX6DL, i.MX6Q
>   - Qt Application Reuse
>   - Qt Application & Real-Time Application co-exist.
> 5. RTEMS/Qt Demo
>   - Medical demo : completed.
>   - Automative Dash Board : on-going.
>   - Home Automation : on-going.
>   - Industrial HMI : on-going.
> 6. Qt porting roadmap
>   - RTEMS/Qt 5.4 : 1Q/2016
> 7. Processor supporting roadmap
>   - TI Sitara (Cortex-A8) : 3Q or 4Q/2015
>   - Atmel SAMA5 (Cortex-A5): 3Q or 4Q/2015
> If you interest in our internal project, please feel free to contact me.
> Best Regards,
> JunBeom Kim
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