Build in msys2 shell fails

Gene Smith gds at
Mon Aug 22 23:38:04 UTC 2016

On 8/22/2016 12:18 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
 > This is the latest doco on doing this I have available:

Yes, I did see that after posting my comments. However, I wasn't sure if 
was right since it seems to contradict the HEAD source-builder.txt in 
the master branch of RSB:

"Install a suitable version of Python from and 
add it to the start of your path. The MSYS2 python does not work with waf."

Whereas your link above says you must use the pythons (both v2 and v3) 
obtained via pacman in msys2. It doesn't mention anything about problems 
with waf or that you should use the pure windows version of python.

The source-builder.txt also says you should use --without-python when 
building under msys2. It doesn't explain what that actually does (and 
possibly it is also wrong?).


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