Simple question about RTL

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Aug 25 05:30:10 UTC 2016

On 25/08/2016 1:02 PM, xuelin.tian at wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> thanks for you reply. I'm trying to understand the concept here, and
> some points are still confusing me.
> In general, linking process should happen before applications taking
> control of CPU, which means the OS should handle the linking process.

The RTL provides a run-time link editor which allows you to load code 
with-in your running application. Libdl is the link editor. It is you or 
your code that tells it what to do.

> In
> RTEMS, the Init task should take care of this, am I right?

The Init task is your 'main' so this is your code. You are free to 
structure how you manage this just like any other part of your application.

> Now, for example, I have one base kernel and one tar file. My base
> kernel is running on my target (ZedBoard), and how can I load the tar
> file into memory using shell command via Jtag?

For an engineering development environment I would enable networking 
using libbsd and then NFS mount an exported disk from a host on the 
network. I would place the ELF object files where you can see them from 
the Zedboard and then use the RTL command to load the code.


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