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yaron o jaron0123 at
Sun Dec 18 09:17:35 UTC 2016

Hello There,

I have two of questions that i hope you could help me with.

First , i'm using a serial communication that is UART , i get a massage in
binary (from RX) and need to parse it , i'm using a string to save the
binary massage and with pointers save relevant fields in  massage in
correct variables, the problem is when i need to parse to double , every
time i'm taring to put the binary massage part directly in to double
 variables i'm getting an error that say "IU in error mode (tt = 0X07 mem
address not aligned), so i tries to split the binary to two long variables
and concat between them with bit-wise operators still no successful and
same error as above . any idea to anyone?

Second question : i want to put some function  and add new  interrupts when
the OS is first initialize , in witch file i finding the OS initialization

im using rtems 4.10 , leon 3 processor ,
hope everything is clear thank to helpers
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