How to debug rtems on ZedBoard

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Jan 20 03:51:43 UTC 2016

On 20/01/2016 14:08, xuelin.tian at wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> the version of OpenOCD I use is 0.9.0, and the patch from Gerrit hasn't
> been merged onto it. So, I added it by myself. However, many warnings
> came up during make process, and it took me some time to correct some of
> them, but it still didn't go well.

That is no good. I used ....

$ git fetch refs/changes/07/3107/1 && 
git checkout FETCH_HEAD

Did you talk anyone on #openocd?

I have uploaded the code I use here ...

> So, I tried to initialize my PS
> within ZedBoard via XMD, instead of OpenOCD.
> The above process I posted were both under XMD. So, do you have some
> experience with debugging under XMD, in my case, some commands didn't
> work. I don't know how to continue my work. Thank you.

Xilinx's tools do not work on FreeBSD or OS X so I cannot use them.


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