How to debug 4.10.99 network stack?

Emeric Vigier emeric.vigier at
Tue Jul 19 17:39:45 UTC 2016


I run RTEMS-4.10.99 on a custom Leon board. I transfer data over ethernet
(stream socket). My board can receive packets successfully (RX) but stalls
sending packets (TX). I'd like to debug that issue, but have limited
experience debugging network stack. Switching to 4.11 is not an option as
it involves too much code to port. I have a JTAG and can break into RTEMS
code. I read
but didn't find any printf in mbuf.h nor if.h.

How can I enable debugging in 4.10.99 network stack?
Where can I find the 4.11 network stack doc?

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