RTEMS 4.11 Sparc (GCC 4.9.3 20160626) - cxx_throw example error.

Thomas Kim thomas73.kim at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 05:28:31 UTC 2016

Dear Sir,

I used RTEMS 4.10.99 version for Sparc using GCC 4.8.2 until now.
Also, I integrated C++ software very well on this RTEMS versiion.

I am tring to upgrade below version. and, my C++ software will be
integrated with updated RTEMS version.

  1) RTEMS 4.11.99 (GCC 4.9.3 20150626 for RTEMS 4.11)
  2) RTEMS 4.11.99 (GCC 6.1.1 20160609 for RTEMS 4.12)

First of all, I am testing RTEMS on Sparc simulator using

Because RTEMS 4.11.99 using GCC 6.1.1 for RTEMS 4.12 have a run-time error
for testing ticker.exe example, I am testing RTEMS 4.11.99 using GCC 4.9.3
for RTEMS 4.11.

At this time, ticker.exe is run very well on RTEMS 4.11.99 using GCC 4.9.3
for RTEMS 4.11.
also, when I test cxx_throw example on this RTEMS, error message is below;
$ sparc-rtems4.11-sis -leon3 cxx_throw/o-optimize/cxx_throw.exe

 SIS - SPARC instruction simulator 2.8,  copyright Jiri Gaisler 1995
 Bug-reports to jiri at gaisler.se

 LEON3 emulation enabled

sis> run
IU in error mode (128)
   148455  4003f4a0  91d02000  ta  0

On referencing, I resolved this(cxx_throw example test) on RTEMS 4.10.99
using GCC 4.8.2 according to below guide-line.
- LDFLAGS = -Wl,--gc-sections#CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE_V += -ffunction-sections
+ #LDFLAGS = -Wl,--gc-sections#CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE_V += -ffunction-sections

- LDFLAGS = -Wl,--gc-sections
+ #LDFLAGS = -Wl,--gc-sections

At this time, even though I patched same method, cxx_throw example is not

Please let me know how to resolve for testing cxx_throw example using RTEMS
4.11(GCC 4.9.3 20160626).

Best Regards,
Thomas Kim.
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