Re: 回复: 回复: 回复: rtems libbsd gethostbyname did not work

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Jul 1 03:05:19 UTC 2016

On 01/07/2016 12:18, 葡萄 wrote:
> thanks, I will test the master version later, I add usb for motg , below
> file is port from freebsd


> I manual add and modify file under freebsd/dev/usb/controller
> add  musb_otg.c
>         musb_otg.h
>         am335x_musb.c
>         am335x_usbss.c

Great. This looks interesting and a great use of RTEMS+LibBSD.

The libbsd.txt talks about how to change the FreeBSD code. Please make 
sure you do this. It makes getting changes into the repo much easier.

> I test it work on my board;
> for support 4g dongle, I port if_cdce.c  for usb_ecm suport
> under freebsd\sys\dev\usb\net
> add  if_cdce.c
>         if_cdcereg.h
>         usb_ethernet.c
>         usb_ethernet.h
> to support 4g dongle AT commond port, I add usber support ,
> at this time , I write a simple thin layer wrap usb layer to rtems io layer,
> I did not know how to put a private point to rtems io driver parmeter,so
> I did simple
> method

Sure, having something up and running first is important.

> under  freebsd\sys\dev\usb\serial
> add  usbser.c
> should provide a common layer wrap device to rtems terminor device,but i
> only want to test function of 4g dongle, so  some code is urgly

I do not know, maybe Sebastian can offer some help. Being able to 
integrate into the existing code base in a standard way means it is 
easier for those who follow.

> I hope it can do some help

I am sure it will. Thanks for posting and telling about the work you are 
doing with LibBSD.


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