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ok,I will create a devel maillist ,and I will create libc test later


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主题: Re: Re:irqserver in rtems master version and libbsd

On 03/07/2016 22:09, 葡萄 wrote:
> test for 4G wireless net card , still can not let gethostbyname work,the
> error is same as rtems4.11 and libbsd 4.11,

Thank you for reporting this. It would help if we have a simple test 
case that is ready to run.

Could you please create a ticket in Trac ( and 
attach a test case as a git patch against the master branch of the 
rtesm-libbsd repo?

If you could please add libc01 to the testsuite directory with a simple 
test case to this call it would be a big help.

Doing this will make it easier for a core developer to find some time to 
have a look.

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