Re: irqserver in rtems master version and libbsd

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Mon Jul 4 02:34:07 UTC 2016

the file is in line,

I find your repos in rtems,,this file version is same as rtems4.11

perhaps I should use rtems version in your repos when I used libbsd, the main rtems version same to adding some new feather ,but it is in progressing

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主题: Re: irqserver in rtems master version and libbsd

On 03/07/2016 21:11, 葡萄 wrote:
> I migrate from rtems 4.11 and libbsd 4.11 to rtems git head and libbsd
> git head, I find when I start up my application ,system crashed,  the
> crash point when use rtems irq services, I track code, find when libbsd
> use rtems irq service ,the system crash, in
> rtems/c/src/lib/libbsp/shared/src/irq_service.c

I do not have this file in my master branch of the rtems.git repo.

I have just tested sharing PCI interrupts on a PC and it seems to be 
working fine. I have a Beckhoff CX2030 box with 4 Intel NICs and em0 and 
em3 are sharing IRQ15 just fine. I can send and receive on em0 and em3 
at the same time.

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