select() ?

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Hi Mike,

Assuming you actually mean Trams 4.10.2 and you are not from 50 years in the future ☺

Yes RTEMS 4.10.2 has select.
Yes the definition is in <sys/select.h>

If you don’t have the include file, I suspect something has gone wrong in your RTEMS build process.
How are you building RTEMS?


Paul Whitfield

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We're using RTEMS 10.4.2

Does RTEMS have a select() function? I was pretty sure it did, but I have grep'd the include directory, and I can't find it in any of the header files.
Should be in <sys/select.h>, right? But we don't have a <sys/select.h>, it seems.
Was there some option that needed to specified when we built RTEMS?

Mike Westfall
Control Systems Software Engineer

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