Getting a raw rtems_cpu_usage_report

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On Jun 16, 2016 7:37 AM, "Jan Sommer" <soja-lists at> wrote:
> Hello,
> In rtems 4.10.2 there is the possibility to get a CPU usage report, but
it looks like it's only possible to get it as a formatted text.
> We only communicate via a certain protocol with our device, thus the
formatted text is not really useful.
> Is there a way to retrieve a copy of the CPU usage report as some kind of
data type (array of structs)?
> Then, we could filter and format the desired information from that and
send the results back in a packet.

Yep. I have mentioned this as a desirable feature in nearly every RTEMS
class I have taught for over a decade. Your requirements are common. I have
heard of people writing the report to a file and parsing that.

It is a great opportunity to contribute or sponsor a core developer to do
the work.

It needs an API with a data structure defined. Could be two. One to get a
single thread's info with an ID and another way to iterate over all threads
with your own method called.

Personally I would have added to RTEMS before writing the report to a file
and parsing it. But I haven't been given the opportunity.

Also I think the user should be able to configure a stack checker plugin to
report a blown stack. That should be mostly refactoring.

Two things I thing are needed but no one has moved yet.


> Best regards,
>    Jan
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