Looking for a C++11 support Overview

Isaac Gutekunst isaac.gutekunst at vecna.com
Tue Mar 1 21:32:20 UTC 2016

On 02/25/2016 03:37 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> For proper C++11 support you need RTEMS 4.12. Below "fully supported"
> means as far as GCC/libstdc++ supports it.
> On 24/02/16 18:52, Isaac Gutekunst wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Which C++11 features are supported by RTEMS?
>> Is there a table listing supported features, and limitations? Sorry if
>> I just missed it.
>> I'm specially interested in
>> * std::atomic
> Fully supported on targets that don't need libatomic.
>> * std::thread
>> * std::queue
>> * std::mutex
>> * std::condition_variable
> Fully supported.
>> * std::chrono
> Partially supported. For the details run the libstdc++ test suite and
> check the libstdc++ configure script which doesn't detect all RTEMS
> features (we have to fix several configure checks for this).

I've never looked at gcc sources, so I'm probably doing something stupid..

I ran RSB with --no-clean, and looked into the build directory for 
libstdc++, which for me is:


I can't seem to find any evidence of RTEMS. I was particular interested 
in seeming something in config/os

Could you point me in the right direction? I'd like to know what things 
work. I'd be happy to make some fixes if it doesn't seem too hard.

We are interested in using chrono for time_point and duration, as it 
makes some APIs a bit cleaner and more reliable.


>> Depending on what level of support is available, we might build our
>> own primitives so we can develop platform independent code, for on and
>> off target testing.
>> If we can simply rely on the C++ library, that might be preferable,
>> but requires some consideration.
>  From an RTEMS project point of view it would be nice if you don't add
> your own code to fix missing features in RTEMS and instead add the
> missing parts to RTEMS.
>> Thanks,
>> Isaac
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