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Thu Mar 10 14:51:18 UTC 2016

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> Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 16:24:18 -0600
> From: Joel Sherrill <joel at>
> To: Matthew Clark <linux.matthew at>
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> Subject: Re: Running ARM or PPC RTEMS simulations on x64 hardware

> qemuppc is a PowerPC BSP that runs on the qemu simulator.
> The ARM simulator in gdb does not know how to run this. Qemu is the
> simulator for the xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu BSP.
> You will need to build qemu with the RSB and install it.
> Then there are some easy to use helper scripts in the rtems-testing/sim-scripts
> directory named after the BSP they are invoking a simulator to simulate. So
> you would invoke it as:


Is there a guide for building these simulator for other platforms?  I
want to do the
same for my Raspberry Pi2 and a PPC QorIQ board, but from what you're
I need to build one against the RSB and don't know exactly how.



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