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> Hi all,
> I have been testing a rtems 4.11 for ARM based platform. But I found that
> the spintcritical test are failing.
> Which one? And which BSP?

> I studied the test and the execution and I found that the test expect that
> THREAD_WAIT_STATE_INTEND_TO_BLOCK was set in thread wait flags.
> But i found that THREAD_WAIT_STATE_BLOCKED is set instead.
> So the test execution doesn’t stop.
> These are defined in rtems/cpukit/score/include/rtems/score/statesimpl.h

> I haven’t found information about these flags,
> Could you help me with those flags and what it is the behaviour expected?
> Without knowing the exact test, it is hard to say beyond the test is
trying to
cause an interrupt that unblocks a task (maybe releases a resource) while
a task is attempting to block (maybe on the same resource).

The exact combination of task level and ISR level actions vary by task.

Also some of the spintrcritical tests are hard to get to trigger the
conditions. The
tests are trying to generate an interrupt that occurs during a relatively


> Thanks in advance
> Best regards,
> Angel
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