Workflow RTEMS on Zynq Zedboard

Jan Sommer soja-lists at
Mon Mar 14 19:49:11 UTC 2016

Hi Belh,
We only have the MicroZed board here, but many things should work pretty similar.
First you need to build a cross-compiler toolchain for RTEMS.
This is done using the RTEMS source builder. This nice tool will usually do everything for you.
You can follow basically the direction from here:
You just have to build the toolchain for your architecture, which would be 4.12/rtems-arm (assuming you want to build RTEMS 4.12)
If that succeeds you have a working compiler, which can generate executables for arm-based computers.
Add the binary directory of your new toolchain to your PATH environment variable.

Next, you need to build an RTEMS-bsp. This will use the toolchain from the previous step and compile the RTEMS-kernel for your specific board.
Clone into the rtems git-repository and first call ./bootstrap inside the directory.
Then, it's a standard configure, make, make install process.
1. Create a build directory outside of the source tree
2. Run
../rtems-git/configure --target=arm-rtems4.12 \
--enable-rtemsbsp=xilinx_zynq_zedboard \
--enable-tests=samples \
--enable-cxx \
--enable-posix \
--prefix=/opt/rtems/bsps/4.12 BSP_ARM_A9MPCORE_PERIPHCLK=333333333U

Change the prefix-path and the options according to your needed setup.
3. Run: make && make install

This should compile and install RTEMS for the zedboard to the given destination.
Usually this includes some simple example programs like ticker.exe search for it in the install or build directory.

The tricky part is now to actually execute the RTEMS program (i.e. ticker.exe) on your zedboard. For that you need a bootloader and
a valid configuration for the FPGA. I basically installed XSDK and Vivado from Xilinx and then followed the tutorial for the microZed board from here:
There, when creating the boot-images, instead of adding the elf-file of the hello-world program, I added the ticker.exe and then continued to write the image to the flash memory (or sd-card). The tutorials above are for the microZed board, but if you take a look at them you will probably be able to find sources for the normal zedboard.

I hope this might help you to get started. If you have more specific questions maybe some of the people with a real zedboard can help.
Unfortunately we haven't managed to run an RTEMS application using u-boot so far.

Best regards,


Am Monday 14 March 2016, 17:34:42 schrieb Badr El Hiouel:
> Hello ,
> I own a Zedboard and i don't know how to launch RTEMS on it. I followed
> some instructions i found on the internet but i don't really understand
> what i do. I have confusion between building RTEMS bsp and Xilinx bsp,
> confusion where to build it on XSDK or as i saw on the internet using
> U-boot ?
> Can you please suggest me a workflow to follow , i really need this.
> Thank you for your help.
> Belh

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