ESA Exomars Launched! What all runs RTEMS?

Zandin Johan RUAG Johan.Zandin at
Tue Mar 15 11:26:10 UTC 2016

The main computer of ExoMars Rover runs RTEMS 4.6.1 on a LEON-based SPARC v8 CPU. But note that the Rover isn't launched until 2018. (The orbiter and lander launched yesterday will be tested without the Rover.)

The main computer of the ExoMars Orbiter runs an Ada runtime system on the ERC32 SPARC v7 CPU, but the RTEMS SDE has been used to develop and test some of its HW drivers.


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>I am pretty sure based on this that it has multiple RTEMS based subsystems.
>We also had a post late last year with a 4.10 based instrument referenced
>(NOMAD from memory).
>Based on this presentation, it looks like the Rover could be based on RTEMS
>Can anyone confirm the Rover or let us know about other RTEMS subsystems?
>References would be appreciated if possible

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