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What is the status of the Beaglebone black BSP?

Hi Angelo!

You can find information about Beaglebone dev status at:

And some gaps and pending development at:

Our experience:

We at Taller Technologies set up and used Beaglebone Black for a client’s
project with good level of success.

The client uses it for various functionalities in the air (serial, USB,
CANAS, GPIO, I2C, RTC), in ground station (serial, network) and in lab for
testing purposes (serial, network).

In our way we found and fix several bugs that we contributed and are
integrated in the BSP.

As a note of its potential: on top of the existing BSP we worked for this
client on:


   I2C: We used Texas Instruments’ baremetal Starterware* driver, adapting
   it to RTEMS. In this year’s GSoC there is a project to contribute I2C and
   PWM drivers, which we’re mentoring.

   RTC: We managed a DS1307 RTC through I2C.

   USB: Adapted from the baremetal of Starterware* to RTEMS.

   Ethernet & LWIP: We ported and adapted the LWIP stack from Starterware*
   baremetal to be aware of RTEMS threads and message queues. This was
   contributed as a separate library with the rtems source builder.

   GPIO: ported and adapted Starterware* drivers.

   CAN: ported and adapted Starterware* drivers.

   Interrupt controller: Fixed a bug that affected many other modules.

* Adapting, Correcting a Using Starterware drivers: due to licensing issues
we cannot contribute that code to the community (Starterware has an
incompatible license). In all those cases we can re-work the drivers in
order to be able to contribute them. As soon as we find a new client willing
to fund such project we can contribute the resulting work.

Let me know if we can help you any further.

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