Reducing the size of an RTEMS application

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue Nov 1 17:51:26 UTC 2016

On 31/10/16 10:36 pm, Oyake, Amalaye (398F) wrote:
> I am building a Leon-3 application for a resource constrained platform
> (very little RAM). How can I reduce the size of the RTEMS application?
> Beyond normal RTEMS kernel configuration, turning off debugging and
> optimizing with –O, are there ways to strip out any unnecessary symbols
> after compilation.

Which version of RTEMS? The master for up coming 4.12 supports function
sections and that may help.

I think reducing the size will be an exercise in isolating each part and
removing it. The static sizes can be reviewing using something like:

 $ sparc-rtems4.12-nm --size-sort --print-size --reverse-sort \
    sparc-rtems4.12/c/sis/testsuites/samples/ticker/ticker.exe | less

and to look at just the RAM usage:

 $ sparc-rtems4.12-nm --size-sort --print-size --reverse-sort \
    sparc-rtems4.12/c/sis/testsuites/samples/ticker/ticker.exe | \
    grep " [BDdb] "

The dynamic memory will be a little more difficult.

The memory usage will depend on the services you use. It would be nice
to know the effect the new RTEMS printer interface would make.


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