Crash in RTEMS when doing TCP communication.

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue Nov 15 21:01:27 UTC 2016

On 11/11/2016 18:55, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> An off hand guess is that you use an already closed file descriptor and thus access freed memory and destroyed data structures.

The other one is calling close on a socket while another thread is 
blocked in the socket.


> ----- Ben Dart <Ben.Dart at> schrieb:
>> I have a program for RTEMS 4.9.2. This works for most applications but we are having some issues right now. We are sending TCP packets to the system running RTEMS, if the tcp port is open and receiving and we are replying etc, everything works fine. But if we stop the tcp receiver, eventually we get a crash in RTEMS. We have had the following few stack dumps:
>> CRASH 1
>> 0x3A010000 : bsp_ram_size
>> 0x0032DED4 : soisconnected
>> 0x0035D0F0 : tcp_input
>> 0x0031914C : ip_input
>> 0x00319C80 : ipintr
>> 0x00323124 : rtems_bsdnet_event_receive
>> 0x00323298 : soconnsleep
>> 0x0036E980 : _Thread_Handler
>> 0x0036E904 : _Objects_API_maximum_class
> [...]

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