rtems_task_wake_after doubles the actual period

xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com
Tue Oct 11 04:35:47 UTC 2016

Dear all,
When I used rtems_task_wake_after function to delay like 10s, (rtems_task_wake_after(1000), the default tick is 10ms), the actual period was incorrect, which doubled the set value. Then I checked the <bspopts.h>, and modified the BSP_ARM_A9MPCORE_PERIPHCLK value without rebuilding RTEMS . But nothing chaned. 
So, do I need to modify the corresponding value in <configure.ac>, and rebuild my BSP? Or, is there other way to correct this bug without modifying the value and rebuilding the code? 

Best wishes,
Tim Tian
xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com
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