RTEMS 4.11 Internals Manual from Luca Bonato

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Oct 17 11:39:35 UTC 2016


Luca Bonato created an RTEMS Internals Manual for RTEMS 4.11 and kindly 
allowed to share this document. It is available here:


 From the introduction:

"This document aims to help in understanding the inner structure and inner
working of the RTEMS kernel. This document is aimed to developers who are
interested in discovering the  kernel of RTEMS  and that are  not 
familiar with
it:  this  manual should accompany them (step by step) by showing the most
important features of the OS (namely scheduler, semaphores, messages and

The  kernel of RTEMS  is  big,  and in  this  document only a little  subset
of it is  ex- plained. This document focuses on the time-composable 
version of
RTEMS produced at the  University of Padua  based on  the work-in-progress
RTEMS  4.11  at commit 40d24d54ab59fdb2e4133128bf184ec8935f3545 (April 
The focus is on the SMP personality of the kernel (which is only a proof of
concept in version 4.11), and specifically targets the fixed-priority 
and the RTEMS API (no POSIX).

However, even if it is focused on a specific version of RTEMS, this document
should reveal useful even for the master branch of RTEMS-SMP.  Some
discrepancies are to be expected, but the core concepts should still hold.
Moreover, some topics are not considered because subjected to rapid change
(e.g., consistency and synchronization inside the kernel) or because too
platform specific (e.g., interrupts)."

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